Why I dropped out of culinary school!


I feel like on my Instagram, I never truly show you who I am as a person. How did I get into baking? What culinary school did I go to, if I even went to culinary school? What do I do for work?

Well today I felt like getting a little personal so I’m going to answer those very questions! I’ll start off with how I got into baking. I’ve been baking for almost as long as I can remember, granted my first few “creations” turned out terribly, I was baking. The earliest memory I have of wanting to be a chef was when I was four years old. I started watching Iron Chef America, and I was instantly hooked. I was so amazed at the beauty of not only the food created but in the preparation. I soon discovered CHEFS ARE ARTISTS!!!! It was truly magical! That night I attempted to make my very first cake, and while it failed miserably, I haven’t stopped baking since.

Next I figure I’ll tell you about how I got into the food industry. I’ve had a ton of miscellaneous small jobs working in the food industry from waitressing, bussing tables, dishwashing, and prep cook. All of these jobs have helped round out my skill set, but now I’m doing what I really love. I currently work as the head pastry chef for a small non-profit catering company. I get to go to work each day and do what I love. I feel like my opinions and ideas truly matter.

Finally, we’ve gotten to the questions everyone was thinking about. Where did I go to culinary school, and why did I drop out? So I recently attended the Culinary Institute America, which was my dream school! But once I got there, I realized their teaching style was not for me. They worked students instead of teaching them and due to this produced subpar food. Due to the poor food choices offered at school (ironic at a culinary school, isn’t it?) I would retreat to my dorm most nights to eat. This also posed a problem seeing as dorm life was less than desireable. We were provided a small fridge with a non-existent freezer and a microwave. We were not allowed to haveany other appliances in the room, and the only kitchen available to us was a mile away. And when you don’t have a car, it’s difficult to lug pots, pans, dishes, and food over a mile to access a kitchen. So I made the difficult decision to leave school, and have been searching for new culinary programs since. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!!!

Well, I hope this lets you know a little more about me. If you want to know anything else or if you have any culinary school recommendations, please let me know!



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